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Submitted on
August 14, 2012


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11/12/2013 UPDATE:

All Commission Slots are currently CLOSED.

And commissioners who have not yet sent me a note, please make sure you do~.
Shortly I will be collecting payment once I finish my last batch of commissions--
so please make certain that you have the funds and ability to pay.

If you're interested in the open slot, read below and toss me a note of your commission request! :la:


10/15/3013 Update:

 I'm having some money troubles, and Christmas is coming up-- so I need to earn some spending money to buy gifts for my kiddo! :squee:

I will be opening commissions soon as my current ones are finished. I'm taking reserve spots right now and once I open up, then I'll ask for payment before I start work.

Please make sure you have the money or I won't hold the place for you and open the slot back up.

I constantly update as I finish commissions, so new slots open up as I go. c:

Please understand you HAVE to read all of my commission info to make sure you can pay me, and know the things I will and will not do. c:
You can also find this information on my front page.

1.) Myttie-Troll

2.) Myttie-Troll

3.) MikoYami







Commission Guidelines

:star: I WILL NOT draw the following: :star:

* Nudity, fetishes, anything that would make me uncomfortable.

* Grossly exaggerated body parts, giantesses, anthro/furry, alien/non-human, mecha/complex armor.

* Cartoony or DC/Marvel style stuff, I only do anime style art.

* Realism or asked to mimic a manga/anime style that is NOT my own.

* Extreme angles, because it may not come out as either of us expected and can get too frustrating. I don't like to disappoint.

* Cityscape / town/ buildings. My best suit is natural surroundings/nature. I'm still working on my skills when it comes to anything man-made or architectural.

* I will NOT draw anything that hasn't been paid for, or without a very good description, or reference.


:heart: But I WILL draw the following: :heart:

* Up to two characters. No more than that.

* Your original characters. Especially from fandoms such as Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Slayers, and Ao no Exorcist.

* I prefer to draw females over males because it's not only more fun, but I am much BETTER at it than drawing male figures.

* I reallly, really, enjoy drawing kimono or asian-inspired clothing, so feel free to ask me to do so, or design an outfit for your character!

* Fanart of anime or manga characters.

* I will design an outfit for your character, I love doing that! 

*If you have another artist use the illustration I drew in their work, at least have them lend me a little credit for it in the description.



* All commissions must be paid fully before I start work.

* BE PATIENT WITH ME! If you hassle me, I could/likely would lose inspiration and not be able to draw. Period. Understand that I have a life outside my art, things come up, I have a family to take care of, and I have intermittent health problems, and also don't always do commissions in the order I receive them. I do them in the order of inspiration.

* Again, trust I WILL get it done. I never break my promises, and if for some reason I can't fulfill it I will let you know and fully refund your money. But it's extremely unlikely that will happen.

* If you're unhappy with the way your finished commission turned out, please show me courtesy and not comment your displeasure on the deviation itself, but NOTE me your concerns. I can't always fix a problem when it's already done, but what I can I will fix.

* I need proper visual references, I will not go by description alone. Let me know in a brief paragraph about their personality too, as well as any vital details about the character like their likes, quirks that I may be able to use. Make sure you also know what you want when you note me, first come first serve! c:

* If you're asking for certain details that will take extra work/time, I will charge a little extra depending on the request; like Accessories/Props that may cause me some extra work, for example. I won't always, but if it's something that takes me a lot of time, it'll up the price by a couple of dollars.

* I no longer accept points as payment unless stated otherwise. I also don't accept payment through paypal because of personal reasons.
I ONLY accept Amazon giftcards!


How to Note Me

You MUST give me all these details in a note before I accept your commission. Sometimes the price may vary depending on the complexity of what you ask.

Commission Type :

( Transparent BG, Simple BG, Complex BG, and 1 or 2 characters)

Character Name(s):

Character References:

(visual please, do not give me a verbal description.)

Character Personality:

(please keep it brief.)

Character Facts:

(favorite flowers, colors, season, random things I may be able to use)

Commission Request:

( pose, mood, BG, clothes, ect.)


Payment Method

* I only accept now Amazon Giftcards.
I cannot accept paypal for personal reasons.

* That means you'll need an account, and a credit or debit card.

* Please do not make a request or note me if you are not sure you can do this!

:heart: How to send me a giftcard:
1. ) Click here -->… || OR: Go to and go to "Giftcards" at the top left of the page, then under the Digital category, click "Email."

2. ) Enter payment amount; my email which I will give to you through devArt Note; your deviantart username in the message so I know it's from you ; and make sure its marked to be sent NOW.

3. ) Click "Add to Order" button.

4. ) Then on the right or the page click "Proceed to Checkout".

5. ) Fill out your payment details.

6. ) Let me know when you sent the giftcard by note so I make sure it is received! ;)


Commission Options

( Please keep in mind that some props/accessories, or certain details in the BG  will add to the price. I must have ALL info in the note before I accept and settle on the price. )

Transparent BKG Style 1

$20 ( Make it two characters for 10$ more )
His Perfect Lady by Miisu Happy Birthday, My Sweet Jackass by Miisu

Transparent BKG Style 2

$25 ( Make it two characters for 10$ more )
The Lady in Waiting by Miisu Chou no Himitsu by Miisu Shinryu by Miisu Comm -- Himawari by Miisu

Simple BKG

$25 ( Make it two characters for 10$ more )
That Classy Lady by Miisu FALCON PUNCH by Miisu White Vermillion Azure -- For SengokuLegends by Miisu The Oracle -- Practice by Miisu

Complicated BKG

$45+ depending on BG complexity ( Make it two characters for 5$ more )

* The following are in order of work level, the more detail you higher the price.  We'll discuss it in the commission note.
Soothsayer by Miisu You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All by Miisu February Contest Entry-- Come on, Wake up! by Miisu I Don't Want to be Here-- TAKE THE PICTURE ALREADY by Miisu First Bloom's Wish by Miisu Sisterly Bonding by Miisu

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Miisu Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
Make sure first you can comply with the payment through amazon giftcard (since I don't do paypal), and then send me a note with your request!
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